Brave Hearts Silver Heart Award

Since the inception of Brave Hearts on the Murray, it has been the intention that nominated members would be formally recognised for the exceptional contribution they make to the organisation.

In 2013, as it was the first year that the award was presented, a number of very worthy recipients received it.

From 2014, only one award will be presented each year. Provided that the Criteria for the Brave Hearts Silver Heart Award is met, we will present the Award to one very worthy member of our organisation annually – usually at the organisation’s annual Christmas get-together .

The Brave Hearts Silver Heart Award is a beautiful sterling silver heart-shaped pin with the word Brave inscribed on it.

Nominations for the Brave Hearts Silver Heart Award are taken from members and presented to the Brave Hearts Murray Inc. committee and the final decision is made by those members plus two external community members. All nominations are seconded by a member of the organisation.

Criteria for the Brave Hearts Silver Heart award:

Essential Criteria:

  1. Has been continuously with Brave Hearts on the Murray for 5-10 years
  2. Has volunteered their services of help at fundraising functions
  3. Has displayed acts of kindness to fellow members
  4. Creates public awareness for our cause
  5. Has given outstanding service in any or all of Brave Hearts on the Murray projects

Desirable Criteria:

  1. Has held a position on a committee (either on Brave Hearts Murray Inc. or Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club).