Robyn Daly

Robyn is the epitome of volunteering and was even recognised by the broader community on Australia Day this year having been awarded Albury City’s Volunteer of the Year. She is forever willing to give of her best at all times. She is kind to all and always sees the good in people. She has given much of her time to other members – always looking to ensure their safety and well-being.

Robyn has always supported Brave Hearts’ projects. Together with her work with the Albury Wodonga Breast Cancer Support Group (AWBCSG), she has given her all. She actually finds it difficult to separate the two groups as many members belong to both.

Robyn knows no boundaries. She gives 200% to her volunteering efforts and Brave Hearts makes up 150%. Wherever she goes she shares her view that Brave Hearts is the best thing that happened to Albury Wodonga. She wears Brave hearts on her sleeve and in her heart. She has been involved in every project of Brave Hearts post Calendar. She is exuberant in her attitude towards the organisation and outwardly proclaims the true worth of Brave Hearts within our community and beyond.

She is an active member of the Dragon Boat Regatta committee and gives appreciative time each year to its cause. In her volunteering work with AWBCSG and Breast Cancer Network Australia, there is always a very big space on her beautiful stalls for Brave Hearts. She constantly promotes what we do and what we stand for and is also instrumental in distributing our brochures throughout the community.

Robyn always thinks of others before herself and gives other people her time before she thinks of doing something for herself. She is another amazing human being so worthy of recognition.