Silver Hearts

Suzy Watson, Chris Thomas and Jenny Black
Founding and Life Members of Brave Hearts on the Murray Inc.

In 2003, Chris Thomas (a much loved volunteer at the Murray Valley Chemotherapy Unit at the time), watched the uplifting movie Calendar Girls and immediately believed that Albury Wodonga could produce its own calendar and in the process raise money to provide extra services and resources for cancer patients in our local region.

She invited a talented professional photographer – Suzy Watson and then Regional Breast Cancer Nurse, Jenny Black, to come on board and live her dream.

The overwhelming success of this amazing calendar – Brave Hearts Faces of Love Courage and Support saw the birth of Brave Hearts on the Murray Inc. and the beginning of a rewarding journey that has witnessed so many special projects involving an inspiring group of women and men who have been touched by a cancer diagnosis and who very aptly stand by their name – Brave Hearts.

Now the three of them feel privileged to work alongside this remarkable and ever growing tribe and are constantly reminded each day of their commitment to this cause, their invincible spirit, zest for life, courage and tenacity and are in awe of Brave Hearts on the Murray’s achievements since its inception.

They are also indebted to our very generous community who help Brave Hearts on the Murray fulfil our dreams of assisting people in our region who are gong through the inherent challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.

They thank all for travelling on this remarkable journey with them so that they could fulfil their dream.