Judy Campbell

Judy has probably volunteered for every fundraising function that we have ever held. She has also organised a number of smaller functions to raise money for Brave Hearts, including having planner parties where the hostess money is given to Brave Hearts.

Judy is a very thoughtful and caring individual, she always looks for the best in people, and even if that’s hard to find she treats them with kindness anyway! She is always willing to help anyone in need and she is there by members’ sides, even though they may not know she’s there. Judy is a quiet achiever and would rather stay busily in the background than be up front.

Judy is instrumental in bringing our cause to the attention of many members of our community, including those of the local soccer clubs. They in turn continue to donate generously to Brave Hearts. She is always there when we fundraise or promote Brave Hearts and gives of her time to many of our projects. She does so with enthusiasm and a genuine wish to please. She is a tireless worker and is such a proud Brave Heart.

Judy also has looked after our merchandise since we started selling items, and this has grown over the years. This is a tiresome task at times as it means that she has to keep an accurate account of what has been sold and puts in orders at short notice.

Judy has been on the Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Committee from the beginning. She takes an active role in the running of the club, having for a number of years acted as Secretary. She has up until a couple of months ago been our representative on the Lake Users Group Committee and she has successfully kept us informed of matters arising from their meetings.

Judy promotes and supports every facet of Brave Hearts and breast cancer awareness

She supports and encourages those she meets in an understanding and sympathetic manner. He is a very hard worker an always prepared to go the extra mile, a good communicator, is well organised and is simply a beautiful person. For all her attributes, constant achievements and continuous support to Brave Hearts, Judy is such a worthy Silver Heart recipient.