Fiona Jones

Associated with Brave Hearts since 2006, Fiona is another member who is a silent achiever and one that there is no measure of time, love and support that she gives to Brave Hearts on the Murray Inc.

Fiona has brilliant administrative skills and fine attention to detail, which is why she currently has the role of Super Treasurer. She spends endless hours behind the scenes fulfilling her role as our astute treasurer a well as a loyal and passionate member. Her position of Treasurer of both Brave Hearts on the Murray and Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club, which she has held since 2008, has many inherent responsibilities. This is not only in the accounting field but also in ensuring that this incorporated body is answerable to the Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Australian Tax Office in carrying out the affairs of the charitable organisation within their rules and guidelines.

Fiona has spent many hours working closely with auditors and legal people to ensure this transparency as well as giving her time freely in the many projects that our charitable non for profit organisation has achieved. Prior to being Treasurer Fiona was Vice President of Brave Hearts on the Murray Inc.

Fiona always volunteers to help at fundraising activities and regattas. Fiona is committed to providing assistance to all Brave Heart projects. She was always on the Dragon Bloat committee even though she didn’t paddle. Following Brave Hearts’ restructure this year Fiona now totally devotes her expertise and time to Brave Hearts on the Murray Inc. and is the Treasurer of both organisations.

Fiona is a beautiful warm fun loving person. She enjoys a laugh and creates a very relaxed atmosphere socially. She is a big advocate for the organisation’s cause. She promotes Brave Hearts wherever she goes. Fiona is also involved with Breast Cancer Network Australia as a Community Liaison Officer as well as being our representative. She always represents Brave Hearts at a high standard.

Fiona’s award as Volunteer of the Year for Yackandandah and Region within the Indigo Shire proves her commitment to Brave hearts and her community and her ongoing efforts to promote Brave Hearts. She is a firm but fair character. She always places the best interests of Brave Hearts above anything else.

You cannot find a more genuine person than Fiona. She oozes charm, love and warmth and her dedication is impeccable. Fiona is pure gold, and to acknowledge that, we present her with the Silver Heart