Pauline Harbick

Pauline has volunteered and assisted tirelessly since the calendar days of Brave Hearts. Pauline is another individual in whom you cannot measure the amount of love, support and time she has given to the organisation.

She has been outstanding in her acts of kindness, love, courage and support over and above anything anyone could expect to be given in an organisation, all whilst dealing with her own life issues. Throughout this journey, Pauline has been Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President of Brave Hearts and currently holds the position of Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club Coordinator.

Pauline continuously creates public awareness of our organisation and tirelessly endeavours to build awareness of who we are and what we aim to achieve.

Pauline has, and continues to give outstanding and dedicated support to all Brave Heart projects, particularly caring for other members during recovery, supporting new members, and throwing her energy behind the Rose Garden, Dragon Boat Club, Lake Development, Coordination of the Dragon Boat Club whilst supporting new and old members, making sure people enjoy and benefit from being part of the experience of being a Brave heart.

Pauline is a stoic member being totally dedicated towards never letting our members forget what our organisation is really about – Love, Courage, Support, Leisure Cruising and Community Awareness. Nominated for her outstanding vision and continued passion for our great cause as a foundation Calendar girl, Pauline has been an inspiration for us all with her dedication, compassion, understanding, professionalism, leadership, and communication skills. Her ability to make all members feel inclusive within the group is an important asset to the club. We know she will proudly wear her Silver Heart.