Mel McIntyre

Always on hand to volunteer at any fundraising function we hold – whether it be for dragon boating or Brave Hearts on the Murray project fundraising, Mel has been a member of Brave Hearts since 2008. Mel is a very kind and thoughtful woman. She is ever mindful of others’ feelings and is very protective towards those who need some tender loving care at appropriate times.

Mel promotes our organisation with fervour. She has a great capacity to include Brave Hearts in any conversation she has with anyone. Her enthusiasm never wanes. She is first to put her hand up for any assistance she can give, whether this be as a participant in a working bee, doing some onerous administration task or talking to people about our organisation. She helps at all fundraising activities and Brave hearts literally is her family outside of her family.

She is committed to informing all of our members of anything that she feels is important to them and happily passes on any relevant information by email to them all. Mel is our Newsletter “whiz kid” and sends the communications to all members weekly, as well as to many “Friends of Brave Hearts on the Murray”. We would like to say that Mel has a very healthy addiction to our organisation, and long may it continue.

To sum up this warm, caring, funny, devoted member, she has a heart of pure gold, is a committee member of Brave Hearts on the Murray Inc., member of Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club and a member of Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Regatta Committee. If there were any more committees, she’d also be on them!