Bob Laundess

What would we do without our Bob? He has been exceptional in the way he has given service to the organisation and has always been a quiet achiever in the background since our journey started.

Throughout his association with our organisation, Bob has always shown kindness to others. As his wife has experienced the turmoil of having breast cancer, he has a special affinity with cancer survivors. This has given Bob an insight into how members are coping at various times throughout their membership – whether they are new members perhaps in the throes of treatment or “seasoned” members having come through treatment and hopefully on their way to good health. Whatever their stage in wellness, Bob seems to sense their predicament and approaches them accordingly and always with kindness.

Bob has always supported Brave Hearts’ projects. Many a time he has been there – at times after having had a long haul on the road for many hours with his truck business, there is Bob willing to help out in any way he can. He is always there by his wife’s side, wanting to help out in any way he can. Like Mike, having his own business has been difficult for him – difficult in the fact the he has sometimes chosen to be with Brave Hearts rather than take an extra load on the road. This is his livelihood, yet he continues to put Brave Hearts at the top of his list. Not once, but on many occasions.

Bob is a mainstay in our Regatta. He takes the time to give of his time in so many ways. He is always there for those less fortunate and on occasions displays his emotions on his sleeve. He has delivered many a stirring and inspirational presentation on Regatta day.

He is also instrumental in the success of keeping our “Pleasure Cruises” alive. He gives the participants so much joy by the way he conducts himself each week – encouraging them in a light-hearted way. He inspires people to do better and feel good about themselves. This is one of the core ingredients that keeps Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club so much alive within our community.

Bob is a wonderful example of someone who (thankfully) has not been touched by cancer himself – but shows great empathy towards others who have. He is the essence of goodness in our organisation and exudes a vibrancy and willingness to give and we all learn dearly from him. He’s one of earth’s angels and it is obvious that Bob has faith in mankind and he never fails to show that to us all. Bob has never held an official membership of a committee but is a member of the committee of life, as it should be.

We know he’ll wear his Silver Heart with great pride.