Mike Beazley

Mike has been an integral part of Brave Hearts activities since its inception after being inspired by his wife Suzy Watson’s wonderful effort in the calendar project. Mike found his opportunity to become more fully involved in Brave Hearts’ activities when the dragon boat project became a reality. He was a valuable assistant in the construction of the boat and then the move into coaching seemed he natural progression.

Since then he has with his gentle patient manner, guided, taught and coached many Brave hearts and many other community members in the finer art of paddling and sweeping a dragon boat.

His respect and admiration for Brave Hearts’ members and their achievements is unwavering. He even lovingly towed the precious hand made dragon boat 1500 kms to the 2007 International Dragons Abreast Regatta in Caloundra because he understood how much the proud Brave Hearts’ girls wished to show the world what they had achieved, despite their cancer diagnosis.

As coach it has been difficult for Mike at some ties to weigh up being competitive and embracing the difficulties that members face due to their different circumstances. . He always asks that they strive to do better, but he has always put the person before the trophy and keenly weighs up each situation in front of him. In the end, it is always the good for all that wins with him.

Mike has been inspirational in the way that he goes about supporting our organisation. He has championed our cause in every project that we have ever been involved in. He has put the organisation in front of his livelihood on many occasions and has taken a “million” hours out of his profession so that he can assist us in any way possible. He was a key driver of our Celebration Garden project and is the first person to put his hand up to help with any project – whether it is Brave Heats specific or Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club projects – often in the background, setting up and then disappearing into the sunset! He always gives 110% and it is evident by the number of times he answers our requests for help that his own business has suffered.

Throughout his involvement, Mike has always shown kindness to others. He is extremely mindful of members, especially those recovering from treatment and gives them space when needed most. He will always give people the benefit of the doubt and will always support them when questioned by others.

The vision he has for our organisation is outstanding. He truly believes in the spirit of Brave Hearts and what we represent. Mike is a wonderful example of someone who (thankfully) has not been touched by cancer himself – but shows great empathy towards other who have. He’s a kind, nice human being. He actually isn’t silver – he’s pure gold.